Starch & Grains

Native and modified starches, starch sweeteners, fermentation products and their feedstocks – LMC delivers market and economic analysis on production and end uses. We assess production costs for starch products and processing margins from different grains, cassava (tapioca) and potato. In-house global market datasets, continually updated, enable us to provide this sector with the information and forecasts needed for strategic planning.

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The LMC team of starch product specialists offers expert analysis of the sector. LMC’s consulting is wide-ranging and reflects the diverse nature of the global starch sector.

Do you need market analysis of:

  • the outlook for sourcing raw materials, from corn and wheat to cassava, rice or pea?
  • the potential demand for new modified starches?
  • the competition between starch-derived amino acids?
  • end-use sectors such as food, feed, paper or textiles?

LMC is ideally placed to support you, building on our extensive body of research and our global network of contacts. We tailor each consulting assignment to meet your specific needs.

The team works closely with LMC’s raw materials teams covering grains, sugars, tubers as well as specialised feedstocks such as rice, sago and pea. The result is customised research and analysis to meet your requirements.