Sugar Production Costs – Forecasts

Key Features


Australia, Brazil, France
India, Thailand


Field costs
Processing costs
Ex-mill costs
Sensitivity analysis


2015 to 2025


Interactive cost model in Excel
Presentation + Q&A

The Essentials

LMC’s Sugar Production Costs – Forecasts analyses the link between technical performance, input prices and exchange rates to determine how costs will evolve over the next decade.

This service focuses on 5 key benchmark sugar industries – Australia, Brazil, Thailand and India for cane and France for beet – which represent a range of industry conditions (e.g., high and low wage). Other industries can be added on request.

You get a cost model that allows you to change key assumptions to generate new results, helping you to understand the outlook for long-term cost competitiveness.

What you receive

A report with the key conclusions, focusing on the link between technical performance, input prices and future costs for each industry. It identifies and quantifies future cost pressures.

Interactive Cost Model in Excel
Menu-driven cost model that allows you to generate cost forecasts. Clients are able to change various macroeconomic factors, input prices and technical performance indicators.

Access to LMC experts
Presentation and Q&A with a senior LMC expert.

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