Sugar & HFS Production Costs

Key Features


Raw cane sugar
White beet sugar
HFS 42 & 55


Over 100 industries
Field and factory costs
Cost components
Fobbing costs


Costs through 2021/22
2022/23 costs added in Q2
40 years of cost data


Global cost database in Excel
Annual report
Presentation + Q&A
Data visualisation Apps

The Essentials

LMC’s global cost benchmarking service has been the industry standard for 40 years. By applying a consistent approach to estimating costs around the world, LMC delivers cost estimates that are directly comparable across and within industries. Detailed costs are presented for the field and factory, with costs broken down into labour, fuel/chemicals, and capital as well as cash vs non-cash costs. For the larger industries, costs are further broken down into each producing region within the country.

NEW – Visualisation Apps to facilitate and expand use of the data.

What you receive

Excel Database
Global production cost database updated each quarter

Data Apps – NEW
Apps to enable you to visualise the data you select

Annual report that presents the main results for the current year and recent period, profiles of key sugar and HFS producing industries and an explanation of LMC’s cost methodology

Access to LMC experts
Reasonable access to LMC experts – by telephone and email

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