Sugar vs HFS vs Low Calorie Sweeteners

Key Features


3 caloric sweeteners
7 intense sweeteners


Brazil, Canada, Mexico, US
France, Germany, UK
China, India, Japan, South Korea


Demand by sweetener
Demand by geography & end use
Demand forecasts to 2022


Global demand database in Excel
Report on sweetener consumption

The Essentials

Sugar and HFS are under siege in many markets, facing concerns over obesity-related health issues, resulting in food taxes and revisions to food guidelines. Does this mean that low calorie sweeteners will be able to capture growth potential from caloric sweeteners after a period of flat demand? However, there are countries seeing a strong rise in per capita consumption of caloric sweeteners. How will all this balance out to 2022?

For each sweetener covered, we forecast where growth will take place and where markets will contract. We provide a database on demand for each of 7 low calorie sweeteners and 3 caloric sweeteners in each of 4 end uses and each of 11 countries, plus regional and global totals. We estimate recent and current demand and forecast to 2022.

What you receive

LMC Global Sweetener Demand Database
LMC’s unique estimates and forecasts of sweetener demand by end use – beverages, table top, food and pharma – in each of 11 countries

Sweeteners covered: Sugar, high fructose syrup, glucose, acesulfame-K, aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, high purity stevia blends, lower grade stevia blends, sucralose

Market Outlook Report
Analysis of the latest trends and drivers of consumption of sugar, HFS and high intensity sweeteners and the implications for future demand

Clear explanation of the methodology for estimating and forecasting sweetener consumption

Access to LMC experts
Reasonable access to LMC experts – by telephone and email

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