Sugar Field Margin Tracker

Beet & cane areas - What price signals are being sent to farmers?

Key Features


Production with forecasts
Field costs
Gross margin for cultivation
Area under beet/cane


Asia: China, India, Thailand
C/S Brazil
Europe: EU, Russia, Ukraine


Returns from cane/beet vs. alternative crop
Planting intentions
Forecast area


Excel (monthly)

The Essentials

LMC’s new service monitors field profit margins for sugar crops throughout the year for major producers around the world – 8 cane and 4 beet industries – to give a clear view of the economic health of production. It also monitors alternative crops to establish whether sugar crops look attractive to farmers in comparison, providing an important insight into planting intentions. The forecasts of sugar area take into account whether an industry is subject to market forces or to institutionally set prices.

Each month, it tracks:

• Beet/cane margins at the farm level and how they are evolving
• The profitability of beet/cane vs. major alternative crops
• Area under beet/cane
• Factors critical for production, such as rainfall and dam levels

Sugar Field Margin Tracker is delivered monthly to capture crop results as they become available to ensure clients are up to date.

What you receive

Report in Excel

Overview: planting calendar, countries to watch, LMC view on area & production for coming year

For each industry: key developments, field costs, margins & profitability for beet/cane vs. alternative crops, area harvested, production forecasts

Monthly updates to ensure you always have the latest data available

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