Sugar Company Profit Tracker

Key Features


24 processing companies in 7 countries
Processing margins
Ownership & market share


Gross profit
Revenue & net income
Total assets
Other financial metrics


Gross profit margin
Operating margin
EBIT & EBITDA margin
Return on assets
Other financial ratios/values


Datasets in Excel
Pivots to manage data
Brief company profiles

The Essentials

LMC’s Sugar Company Profit Tracker provides financial performance data for 24 sugar companies around the world to give a clear view of the financial health of the sector.

The report:

  • delivers quarterly and annual processor company performance and financial data
  • provides key metrics including operating margin, net profit/loss, EBIT & EBITDA, return on investment, debt to equity, etc.
  • covers 24 processing companies in 7 countries

The service is delivered monthly to capture company results as they become available to ensure clients remain up to date throughout the year.

What you receive

Report in Excel

Sugar & consolidated financial results – quarterly & annual

Data in pivot table format to allow you to create your own datasets

Brief introduction to each company, its ownership structure, and market share

The formulas LMC uses to calculate the metrics presented

Monthly updates to ensure you always have the latest data available

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