Oleochemical Market Insight

Key Features


Short chain fatty acids
Medium & long chain fatty acids
Medium & long chain fatty alcohols


Prices with 6-month forecasts
Processing margins
Key market developments


Southeast Asia
Key import markets


Report in slide deck format
Access to LMC experts

The Essentials

Each month the LMC Oleochemical Market Insight examines the key price developments and material margins for the major fatty acids and fatty alcohols.

It covers short chain fatty acids (C8, C10, C8-1O) and medium and long chain fatty acids (C12 and C14), as well as medium and long chain fatty alcohols (C12-C14, C16-C18). It presents price forecasts for the next six months. It also examines monthly exports/imports for fatty acids and fatty alcohols for the main trade flows, focusing on Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, EU and the US.

What you receive

A slide deck report each month

Access to LMC experts
Reasonable access to LMC experts – by telephone and email


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