Oils Price View

Key Features


CPO, PKO, palm fractions, PFAD
Soy oil
Rape/canola oil
Sun oil


Price forecasts 6 months ahead
Key market developments
Supporting data


Report in slide deck format
Price forecasting model in Excel
Analytics App


Access to LMC experts

The Essentials

Oils Price View delivers LMC’s 6 month price forecasts for palm oil (CPO), soybean oil, sunflower and rapeseed/canola oils, plus fractions and fats.

You also get an interactive price forecasting model. It allows you to stress test LMC’s price forecasts by entering your estimates of crude (fossil) oil prices, Malaysian palm oil stocks and exchange rates.

What you receive

A slide deck report each month

Price forecasting model
Price forecasting model in Excel updated each month

Access to LMC experts
Reasonable access to LMC experts – by telephone and email

Analytics App
To enable you to visualise the data you select in the formats you select

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