Oil Palm Service

Key Features


Crude palm oil
Palm kernel oil


Indonesia – 7 regions
Malaysia – 3 regions


Production forecasts
Age profile of trees
Growth in palm area
Yields and yield growth


Production forecast report
Reference report
Rainfall data by region
Webinar each quarter

The Essentials

LMC’s Oil Palm Service tracks this major commodity oil, presenting a clear view of the outlook for production, area, yield, re-planting rates, trade and costs in Indonesia and Malaysia. It does this for seven producing regions in Indonesia – Sumatra (North, Central, South), Kalimantan (Central, East, West, South) – and three producing regions in Malaysia (Peninsula, Sabah, Sarawak). The service has recently been extended to include Thailand and Colombia.

The service forecasts CPO and PKO production two years ahead by region within each country. It also forecasts refined oils, oleochemicals and biodiesel production.

You get updated analysis and forecasts each quarter.

What you receive

Each quarter clients receive:
Main Report
Forecasts Report
Rainfall Data Appendix

Access to LMC experts
Reasonable access to LMC experts – by telephone and email
A webinar is also held each quarter hosted by Dr James Fry, LMC’s Chairman


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