The Global Outlook for Speciality Protein

Forecasts by protein type, market & end use

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Animal proteins
Plant proteins
Novel proteins


Key markets for each protein


Demand by end use
Demand forecasts to 2035
Production forecasts to 2035
Protein prices with forecasts


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The Essentials

Rapid growth in demand for plant and animal protein has been the standout trend in recent years. Far from being derailed by the coronavirus pandemic, interest in plant proteins in food has intensified.

This report focuses on speciality proteins – proteins that are higher in protein content, scarcer in supply and more valuable than the commodity proteins. Covering each of the main speciality plant proteins – soy proteins, pea protein, vital wheat gluten, potato proteins, the key animal proteins – fishmeal and dairy protein, as well as novel proteins (insect and lab meat) – the report provides:

  • Market forecasts for each protein
  • Market forecasts by the main end use categories – food, aquafeed, livestock and pet food.
  • The outlook for protein prices

We evaluate and forecast the speciality protein market to 2035 and the implications for individual proteins.

What you receive

Main report with strategic conclusions – in slide deck format

Excel Database
Key data in Excel

Speciality Protein Database – in Excel
• Production and consumption (total and by end use), by country. 2015-2035 – for each speciality protein
• Plants and capacities by company and country – for SPC, SPI, and pea protein
• Demand for total protein, by country, 2015-2035 – for each end use
• Demand for each speciality protein, global total, 2015-2035 – for each end use
• Prices, 2015-2035 – for each speciality protein

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