Global Markets for Starch Products

Key Features


Native & modified starches
Starch sweeteners & syrups
Fermentation products


Consumption with forecasts


2005 to 2019
Forecasts to 2024


Database in Excel
Analytics app

The Essentials

A single source of consistent data for the global market for:

  • native & modified starches – corn, wheat, cassava, potato, rice, dextrin, starch-based glue & others
  • starch sweeteners – glucose, dextrose, crystalline fructose, HFCS 42, HFCS 55, mannitol, sorbitol
  • fermentation products – citric acid, lactic acid, lysine, glutamic acid, vitamin C

The service enables you to analyse and understand trade, production, consumption and price developments for each product. The demand forecasts identify where future supply deficits will occur for each product and the size of those deficits.

The 2020 service takes into account the impact of COVID-19 and lockdowns on GDP and consumption.

What you receive

The key findings

Excel Database
Global markets database covering 44 starch derivatives in more than 200 countries

Access to LMC experts
Reasonable access to LMC experts – by telephone and email

Analytics app
To enable you to visualise the data you select in the formats you select

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