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LMC has developed a powerful strategic management and investment tool that gives stakeholders and investors a clear insight into the long-term outlook for the ag sector. It helps answer the big question: which crops and locations offer the best growth opportunities? Our integrated analysis of global crop demand and supply allows us to identify the mega trends that drive the ag sector and what they mean for the outlook for specific crops and geographies.

At its core is an integrated Global Crop Model of crop demand by market and end use (food, feed and industrial) and how this demand is supplied. It focuses on yield growth, shifting crop patterns (including double cropping), and the development of new agricultural land frontiers. A key output is what it reveals about future crop demand and crop area.

The Global Crop Model is interactive and can be used to stress test the future by selecting alternative assumptions of demand and yield growth to guide your strategic and investment decision-making.

Please contact us for a demonstration of the management and investment tool and how it can support your strategic decision making.

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