European Starch Market Insight

Key Features


Starch sweeteners
Fuel, Industrial & beverage alcohol
Grains & Co-Products


Spot & contract prices
Trade flows


Report in slide deck format
Trade App


Access to LMC experts

The Essentials

The European Starch Market Insight delivers clear, commercial analysis of prices of European starch, starch sweeteners and ethanol, and the raw materials for their manufacture. Each month it presents a clear market overview and assesses the key developments. Subscribers receive insights into spot and contract pricing for 15 products and co-products that lack transparency. This pricing information is not available anywhere else.

Now available with a new Trade App we also track trade flows for starches, starch sweetener and ethanol within the EU and externally each month.

Products covered include:
Starches: native wheat, native corn starch and potato starch
Starch sweeteners: glucose syrup, dextrose syrup, crystalline dextrose, maltodextrin, sugar, isoglucose (42), F55 (high fructose syrup/isoglucose 55), F95 (high fructose syrup/isoglucose 95), Crystalline fructose
Ethanol: industrial alcohol, beverage alcohol, fuel ethanol
Grains & co-products: corn, corn gluten, wheat, wheat gluten, potato protein

What you receive

A slide deck report each month

Trade App
Intra and extra regional trade updated each month

Access to LMC experts
Reasonable access to LMC experts – by telephone and email

Clients are able to select starches and/or starch sweeteners.

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