LMC produces reports and datasets across the full range of commodities. These range from short-term analysis of each commodity market and the price outlook, longer-term analysis to guide strategic and investment decision making, performance benchmarking, as well as broader views of the agricultural commodity market, cutting across multiple commodities and geographies.


Sugar Field Margin Tracker

Monitoring field costs, margins and profitability for beet and cane vs alternative crops in 12 industries


Sugar Company Profit Tracker

Operating margins of 24 sugar companies reveal the financial health of the sector.


World Sugar Price View

Supply, demand, trade and prices – with 3-year forecasts of raw and white sugar prices


EU Sugar Market Monitor

Forecasting EU sugar and isoglucose production, demand, trade and prices monthly


Global Sugar – Strategic View

Strategic report on the outlook for the global sugar sector over the next decade, focusing on prospects and risks, with price forecasts


Sugar Production Costs – Forecasts

Analysis of how technical performance and macroeconomics drive costs and cost forecasts for 5 key industries

Sugar & HFS Production Costs

Global production cost benchmarking for sugar and HFS across 100 countries


Sweetener Analysis

Analysis of the sugar and sweetener sector with a new topic each month

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