LMC produces reports and datasets across the full range of commodities. These range from short-term analysis of each commodity market and the price outlook, longer-term analysis to guide strategic and investment decision making, performance benchmarking, as well as broader views of the agricultural commodity market, cutting across multiple commodities and geographies.


Fatty Acids and their Derivatives

Mapping the markets for fatty acids and their derivatives, and their outlook over the next decade

Cocoa & Confectionery Ingredients Report

Analysis of the cocoa and confectionery ingredients market


Glycerine (Glycerol) Report

Supply, demand and price analysis for crude and refined glycerine


Cocoa – The Global Market

The outlook for the global cocoa sector for the next 10 years


Outlook for Global Protein

The demand for animal, plant and novel proteins, with forecasts to 2035

Cocoa Production Costs Report

Cost benchmarking for 15 major cocoa-producing countries

Alternatives to Cocoa Butter Report

The outlook for CBEs, CBRs and exotic fats in the global chocolate market over the next decade

Coffee Market Insight

Analysis of the global coffee market with forecasts of production, consumption and prices over the next 18-24 months

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