Other Commodities

LMC’s analysis extends to a broad range of other agricultural commodities. The list of products that we can cover is long and includes pulses, nuts, dairy, yeast, vitamins and other food and feed additives. Services include assessing market size, forecasting demand and pricing, evaluating market drivers, such as health and wellness issues, consumer demands for ever-new products, and identifying where growth opportunities may lie.

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LMC’s consulting is wide-ranging in terms of product, market and the needs of the customer. Products covered include:

  • Pulses – fava beans, lentils, chickpeas
  • Nuts – almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachio, walnuts
  • Dairy – milk, milk powder, dairy protein, dairy fats, cheese and whey, infant formula
  • Amino acids – lysine, threonine

and many more!

Projects range from detailed analysis of the market opportunity for a specific product to the broad strategic view of a sector. Do you need analysis of:

  • the potential demand for a novel, emerging food or feed ingredient?
  • the outlook for pricing?
  • whether health/government policies will create new or expanded demand?
  • the competition between different products?
  • end-use sectors?

LMC is ideally placed to support you, building on our extensive body of research and our global network of contacts. We tailor each consulting assignment to meet your specific needs.