Oils & Fats

LMC’s analysis covers the full range of oils and fats: commodity oils such as palm, soy, rapeseed/canola, sunflower; lauric oils (coconut and palm kernel oil), olive and tallow. It also includes speciality oils and fats. This breadth of coverage is essential, given the substitutability between products, and means that LMC is able to offer a specialised, integrated view of the sector.

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The LMC team of oils & fats specialists offer expert analysis on the sector. Whether you are considering:

  • the establishment or expansion of a plantation
  • building a crushing plant
  • the acquisition of an asset
  • an IPO, or
  • market research on a particular oil or market

LMC is ideally placed to support you. We will draw on our extensive body of data and research and our global network of contacts to tailor each consulting assignment to meet your specific needs.

The team works closely with LMC’s Protein Team, which covers the major oilseed protein meals. It also works together with LMC’s teams on oleochemicals and biodiesel, given the importance of these downstream processing sectors.