Natural & Synthetic Rubbers

LMC provides industry-leading market intelligence and data forecasts for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and the tyre industry. We offer regular publications and consulting services across the industry supply chain, delivering quality analysis to enhance strategic planning.

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LMC has extensive experience in providing exclusive research, tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients in key segments of the rubber & tyre supply chain.

Consulting work in natural & synthetic rubbers and tyres is carried out by LMC Tyre & Rubber.

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LMC’s range of subscription services covers key markets and segments of the natural rubber, synthetic rubber and tyre industries. Whether you require frequent updates on the latest industry developments, or a long-term view to support your strategic decision-making, LMC provides data and analysis to help inform your understanding of market dynamics.

Natural & Synthetic Rubbers

We provide short, medium and long-term analysis of supply & demand balances and price forecasts for the key global markets.

Rubber reports


LMC publishes regular reports that track growth in key segments of the tyre market, at a country and regional level, with forecasts over the short, medium and longer term.

We provide in-depth supply & demand outlooks for the global industry, as well as surveys of specific growth segments, including trends in tyre rim sizes, tyre prices and tyre plant capacities.

Tyre reports