Input Suppliers

LMC works with the full range of input suppliers for multiple crops and agroindustrial processing. These suppliers cover seeds, fertiliser, agrochemicals, irrigation, farm & manufacturing equipment, enzymes, and engineering.

Our data and analysis are wide-ranging and include grower costs of production and gross margins as well as costs and margins along the full value chain from the field through to the factory. This helps input suppliers establish where the value is and how they should place and price their products.

We also support input suppliers with forward-looking analysis to help guide their strategic decision-making. This could be for a specific country and crop/ag product, or it could be at the global level across multiple crops/products. Both approaches provide guidance on future demand and where the production and growth will be needed to meet that demand. It is this integrated analysis of crops, products and countries and forecasts for crop area and demand that are crucial for input companies planning their worldwide business.