1st and 2nd generation fuel ethanol, industrial, and potable ethanol, co-products such as DDGs and distillers corn oil, and agricultural raw materials – LMC delivers global market analysis and forecasts. Our clients include many of the major ethanol producers, oil companies, traders as well as investors and finance companies.

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LMC’s team of ethanol specialists offers expert analysis of the sector, addressing commercial concerns of our clients.

  • Will there be security of supply for raw materials – grains, cassava (tapioca), molasses, sugar, waste-based and cellulosic?
  • Will demand from industrial and potable sectors offer growth potential and in which markets?
  • How will policy changes around the world affect a specific ethanol market?
  • Is there sufficient demand for a new market entrant?
  • When will changes in the marketplace, like electric vehicles, hit ethanol demand and by how much?

Whether you are undertaking a special corporate project, evaluating potential acquisitions, or need performance benchmarking, market research, or strategic analysis, LMC is ideally placed to support you. We will draw on our extensive body of data and research and our global network of contacts to tailor each consulting assignment to meet your specific needs.The team also works closely with LMC’s experts on other biofuels and raw materials.