LMC offers teams of experts across crops and along the food value chain. They combine specialist datasets and cross-commodity analysis to provide unique understanding of the global agricultural sector. This multi-commodity expertise allows us to evaluate the linkages between competing crops – essential for modelling future supply, demand, trade and prices. We have the big datasets, analytic tools and insight you need to make better decisions, whether for investment, pricing or strategic choices.

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LMC’s cross-commodity expertise means that we are uniquely placed to present a broad agricultural perspective, addressing the commercial concerns of our clients. This is reflected in the diversity of our consulting projects. They range from large strategic projects that require a medium to longer-term view of the global agricultural sector, to country, regional, or crop-specific analysis.

  • Will there be security of supply across carbohydrate or protein raw materials to meet your needs in different countries?
  • What is the outlook for demand for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years? What will this mean for land use?
  • Which geographies are developing? Where will the new “frontiers” for agricultural production emerge?
  • How will trends in calorie consumption drive demand for protein, oils, and carbohydrates?

Whether you are undertaking a special corporate project, evaluating potential acquisitions, or need strategic analysis, LMC can field a cross-commodity team to support you.

We draw on our extensive body of data and research and our global network of contacts to tailor each consulting assignment to meet your specific needs.