Agri Biomass

Agri biomass – cereal straw, corn stover, sugarcane bagasse and palm biomass - can all be used for power generation and are valued for their renewable credentials. LMC’s analysis assesses the economics of these agricultural residues. We identify where to source reliable, commercial volumes, current values and competing end uses, and the delivered cost of biomass. Major multinationals rely on LMC when determining their future energy strategies.

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LMC’s team of agribusiness specialists offers expert analysis of the renewables sector, addressing the commercial concerns of our clients.

Whether you need

  • to identify the type and volumes of crop residues in major producing regions/countries
  • to understand the current uses of the residues
  • to calculate delivered prices
  • to forecast future supply volumes

LMC is ideally placed to support you. Drawing on our extensive in-house databases and expertise and our global network of contacts, we can tailor our support to meet your specific needs.