About LMC

LMC International Ltd is the world’s leading economic consulting firm devoted to the agriculture and agribusiness sector.

We cover the major agricultural commodities and their derivatives. Our offices, associates and contacts around the world enable us to offer a global reach. As a result, LMC International can uniquely provide commodity-specific data and specialist analysis and insight as well as broader macro views of agriculture.

With a track record spanning 40 years, LMC International has a global reputation for excellence and high quality data and analysis. The long list of clients, which includes most of the leading players in each of the commodity sectors we cover, is testimony to LMC International’s leading place in the consulting market.

LMC International is privately held, entirely independent, and does not trade, broker, offer finance or produce any commodity. We therefore have no conflicts of interest.

The global headquarters is in Oxford, England, with regional offices in New York and Kuala Lumpur.

The LMC Group of companies also includes LMC Automotive and LMC Tyre & Rubber.