In addition to several regular reports and services available off the shelf, LMC also has considerable experience in compiling bespoke pieces of work in the tyre industry. 

These confidential consultancy projects are undertaken to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. We travel extensively throughout the tyre industry ensuring our contacts are unrivalled and that we are abreast of all the latest developments affecting this fast moving sector.

Find below details of the broad range of LMC consultancy services we can provide, or contact our Tyre experts if you have specific consultancy requirements that LMC can address.

Experience and Expertise

Examples of consultancy projects
A comprehensive summary of the world tyre industry, focusing on production, consumption and installed capacity by region, on the effect of technical changes, and on the role of the major tyre producers. 

This report reviewed demand for textile tyre reinforcement (rayon, nylon and polyester) in Western Europe, and provided a forecast of demand for these textile tyre yarns, by tyre manufacturer and by type of tyre. It made extensive use of LMC's tyre trade and production database, supplemented by an extensive programme of interviews with tyre manufacturers, tyre yarn manufacturers and companies transforming tyre yarns into treated tyre fabrics. A particuarly important aspect of this study was the analysis of the costs of conversion of the different tyre yarns.

An assessment of the export prospects for a tyre manufacturer in the former Yugoslavia, distinguishing between cars, light trucks and medium and heavy trucks, and steel radial and high speed tyres. 

This paper provided an assessment of the outlook for regional and global tyre markets to the year 2002. Special attention was given to the impact of the Asian economic crisis on regional tyre sales and production, and the implications of the crisis for tyre industries in other regions.

The study was undertaken for a consortium of companies interested in exploring opportunities to transfer technology to the Chinese market or establish joint-ventures in China with local partners. The objective was to provide a detailed analysis of the Chinese tyre industry and the different industry segments supplying raw materials for tyre manufacture. The study also provided a brief description of the economic environment, together with an assessment of the arbitration services available to foreign companies operating in China.

A leading synthetic rubber producer commissioned LMC to develop forecasts for demand for synthetic rubber from LMC's tyre production forecasts. The study drew on data available on the average polymer content of tyres in the USA, Japan and the UK. Combining the tyre forecasts and polymer demand data, LMC derived forecasts of the rate of growth of polymer consumption by geographical region. Results were presented for a range of scenarios, including scenarios of both open trade and protectionism.

An update of the outlook for a selection of the major tyre markets of East and South East Asia in the wake of the regional economic crisis of 1997/98. For each country in the region, the study provided an assessment of the economic outlook, the prospects for the domestic tyre market and tyre trade, likely investment in tyre production capacity and the outlook for national tyre production. Forecasts of vehicle production and sales, and tyre sales, imports/exports and tyre production were provided for each market through to the year 2001, divided into passenger car tyre and commercial vehicle tyre categories.

A detailed examination of the market for car, light van and commercial truck and bus tyres in West Germany, France and the UK.

This study examined the changing pattern of demand, in the UK, for small industrial pneumatic tyres fitted to hand drawn trolleys and wheelbarrows and was based on a comprehensive survey of UK importers and retailers of these tyres. Estimates were made of the UK market in 1990, by main tyre size, broken down into demand by principal application and wheelbarrow manufacturer. In addition, this report provided a review of the principal end-use markets, profiles of the barrow manufacturers, an examination of distribution channels and details of the major importers of these tyres. Two appendices listed the addresses of the principal barrow manufacturers (and retailers) in the UK, as well as the principal importers and wholesalers.


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