World Motorcycle Tyre Forecast Report

LMC’s World Motorcycle Tyre Forecast Report is a comprehensive source of information on the changing pattern of production, demand and international trade in motorcycle tyres. It gives a detailed supply/demand picture of 70 individual national and regional markets, plus world totals with forecasts for the next five years.

Historical data from 2005 and forecasts to 2020 are provided for all of the key countries and regions in the global market, covering:

  • OE motorcycle tyre sales
  • Replacement motorcycle tyre sales
  • Motorcycle tyre production
  • Motorcycle tyre trade
  • Motorcycle parc (population)
  • Motorcycle production
  • New motorcycle sales

A clear, detailed profile of each country market gives easy-to-use, consistent and timely data.

This section of the report provides, in consistent format, the tyre demand/supply balance in each of 70 countries and regions, plus world totals.

North America - USA, Canada, Mexico
South America - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Other South America
Western Europe - Austria, Belgium & Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Other Western Europe
Central Europe - Baltic States, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Other Central Europe
Eastern Europe - Russia, Ukraine, Other Eastern Europe
Middle East & Turkey - Turkey, Other Middle East
Africa - Nigeria, South Africa, North Africa, Other Africa
Indian Sub-Continent - India, Other Indian Sub-Continent
East Asia
- Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
ASEAN - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Other ASEAN/South East Asia
Other Asia - China, Rest of Other Asia
Oceania - Australia, New Zealand, Other Oceania
Summary Tables – World, EU-15, EU-28


You will receive:

Executive Summary

A concise overview of the report’s key findings

Main Report
Full text containing information and analysis, presented in tables and diagrams, including country-by-country supply/demand balance tables

Data in Excel
All the country and regional balances in Excel format, as well as a pivot table combining all the data

LMC Consultation

In addition to telephone and email support for discussion and clarification of the report, you are also entitled to one full working day per year of consulting by senior LMC staff to interpret or discuss the report’s findings

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our Tyre experts, or download the brochure.




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