Tyre Size Service 2017 Report

The Tyre Size Service provides five-year forecasts of light vehicle tyre demand and production, by major region and for individual markets. The data is broken down by type of light vehicle (Car, SUV and Light Commercial Vehicle) and by tyre characteristic: speed rating, rim size, section width and aspect ratio.

The 2017 report presents tyre demand and production for 17 major and high-growth markets, with forecasts to 2022. Data is provided in easy-to-manipulate pivot tables.

For the world’s major developed and emerging tyre markets, LMC provides data and forecasts of light vehicle tyre demand and production, broken down by commercially key variables:

  • Vehicle type – cars, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles
  • OE and replacement demand
  • By speed rating, rim size, section width, aspect ratio, and winter vs non-winter


You will receive:

Executive Summary
A concise overview of the report’s key findings in PDF

Main Report
Excel pivot tables including all data, detailing national and regional tyre demand and production, by tyre characteristic, as well as Excel sheets identifying each tyre fitted as standard for each vehicle by country.

LMC Consultation
In addition to telephone and email support for discussion and clarification of the report, you are also entitled to one day of consulting by a senior member of LMC’s staff to present and interpret what the report's findings mean for your organisation.

We offer a special discounted fee for existing subscribers to our World Tyre Forecast Service. For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our Tyre experts, or download the brochure.




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