Technical Performance in Sugar Production

LMC’s new Global Report provides data to benchmark technical performance in the production of cane and beet sugar, examining all stages from field to factory. It also evaluates the link between technical performance and costs of production.

Report Structure

The Report is provided in 2 parts, with a supporting Excel database and an interactive model.

Part A. Technical Performance Benchmarking

Data and analysis of a broad range of measures of technical performance for each country and region covered, as well as of best practice in the sector.

Coverage of 13 cane countries and 5 beet countries, and for some of these countries, individual growing regions as well. Data provided in Excel.

Part B. The Link Between Technical Performance and Costs

Analysis of the connection between technical performance and costs, using LMC’s unique proprietary cost estimates for 5 representative industries. Interactive Excel model of the link between measures of technical performance and costs.


Part A. Technical Performance Benchmarking

Measures and Indicators of Technical Performance at each of the main stages of the sugar production chain:
  • Agricultural Operations: 6 measures (planted areas, cane quality, etc.)
  • Harvest and Post-Harvest Logistics: 5 measures (proportion of cane burnt, haulage distances, etc.)
  • Processing in Cane Mills and Beet Factories: 5 measures (recovery rates, capacity utilisation, etc.)
  • Logistics: 6 measures (load rates bulk and bagged as appropriate, fobbing, etc.)

Analysis of Best Practice

  • To get beneath headline levels of performance we will examine the impact of best practice on technical performance. This analysis will focus on cane mills/beet factories


  • The relative competitiveness of industries, looking at each stage of the production chain
  • The underlying trends of how performance levels are evolving

Part B. The Link Between Technical Performance and Costs

Excel model of technical performance with production costs in 5 industries representing different levels of economic development:
  • High Wage: EU (beet), Australia (cane)
  • Medium Wage: Brazil (cane)
  • Low Wage: Thailand (cane), India (cane)

Analysis and Conclusions
  • How technical performance influences costs
  • The components of technical performance that drive costs
  • Where the cost pressures will be felt by different industries over the next ten years.
  • The outlook for longer-term cost competitiveness

For a more detailed description of the contents, download the brochure


Subscribers can purchase Part A on its own, or Parts A and B together.

Part A. Technical Performance Benchmarking

  • Report
  • Excel database with the technical performance data for the 13 cane countries, 5 beet countries, and selected growing regions

Part B. The Link Between Technical Performance and Costs

  • Report
  • Excel interactive model that allows subscribers to change assumptions of key variables of technical performance to assess the impact on costs




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