Sugar Production Costs – Forecasts

This new service Sugar Production Costs - Forecasts - How Technical Performance and Macroeconomics Drive Costs focuses on 5 key benchmark sugar industries - Australia, Brazil, Thailand & India cane and France beet.

It analyses the connection between technical performance, input prices and exchange rates and production costs and presents production cost forecasts to 2025 for each industry. The central feature of the service is a new interactive forecasting model designed to allow you to change assumptions and generate new results to answer: What is the outlook for longer-term cost competitiveness?

Interactive Cost Model

This new interactive model allows you to change inputs for all of the key drivers of costs allowing you to generate new cost forecasts for each industry. Variables that can be changed include:
  • Cane yields
  • Tonnes cane/beet to tonnes sugar
  • Net operating days
  • Level of mechanisation – planting, cultivation and harvesting
  • Mechanical harvester productivity
  • Exchange rates 
  • Oil prices driving diesel, fertiliser and capital goods prices
  • Wage inflation 


You will receive:

Interactive Cost Forecasting Model in Excel

Report on the Key Findings

LMC Briefing in person or online to explain the model, the information that it provides and the lessons for your business

For more information or to subscribe to the study contact our sugar experts or download the brochure.

Extra Service - Adding Other Cane or Beet Industries we can prepare analysis for other cane and beet industries not included in the service. Please contact us if this is of interest.




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