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Sugar vs HFS vs Low Calorie Sweeteners: How Will Changing Consumer Needs Drive Demand?

The sweetener sector is a battleground:  sugar, HFS and low-cal High Intensity Sweeteners are all competing for market share in turbulent conditions. LMC’s 2018 report therefore widens our coverage of the HIS sector to analyse demand for all sweeteners to gauge where growth will take place and where the market will contract. In addition to LMC’s unique demand database for sweeteners, we deliver a written summary report to give context to the forecasts. >more

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Global Sugar: Strategic View - 2019 Report

This annual strategic report on the global sugar market focuses on investment prospects and risks. LMC analyses the key issues that will shape the sugar market over the next decade: the role of India, future demand growth; health concerns and sugar taxes; the level and location of capacity; future sources of supply. The report sets out LMC’s view on what all this will mean for sugar prices going forward.


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Sugar Production Costs – Forecasts

This new service Sugar Production Costs - Forecasts - How Technical Performance and Macroeconomics Drive Costs focuses on 5 key benchmark sugar industries - Australia, Brazil, Thailand & India cane and France beet. >more

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EU Sugar Market Monitor

This monthly forecast service is now firmly established as the industry benchmark. It provides visibility on future EU sugar and isoglucose production, demand, trade and prices. >more

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Sugar and HFS Production Costs - Global Benchmarking

LMC’s global benchmarking service delivers production costs for sugar and high fructose syrup that you can compare directly across the world’s producing countries. It provides field and factory costs for each country, as well as freight and port costs incurred when exporting to the world market. >more

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NAFTA Sweetener Monitor

LMC evaluates the US and Mexican sugar and HFCS sectors twice a year, to keep subscribers abreast of the changes and developments in these industries.

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LMC World Sugar Price View

This service presents sugar price forecasts each month with an additional weekly update capturing the very latest developments. Key points of analysis of the global sugar market are distilled into clear PowerPoint slides for rapid processing. >more

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Sugar Bulletin

The monthly Sugar Bulletin provides up to date statistical and market analysis on the world sugar market, examining recent developments and prospects for the raw and white sugar market.

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Sweetener Analysis

LMC's monthly Sweetener Analysis provides an in-depth examination of issues related to sugar and sweeteners. It covers a broad range of issues that are topical and are of direct commercial relevance to industry participants.


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