Sweetener Analysis

LMC's monthly Sweetener Analysis provides an in-depth examination of issues related to sugar and sweeteners. 

It covers a broad range of issues that are topical and are of direct commercial relevance to industry participants.

Report Detail

Each monthly report examines a different topic. The list of articles, available to download, gives a full description of the subjects that have been examined. 

Subjects covered:

  • International Policy
  • Regional or Country-Specific Industries
  • By-products
  • Pricing and the Price Outlook
  • Production Costs and Competitiveness of Producers
  • Refining
  • End-use Developments
  • HFCS and High Intensity Sweeteners
  • Starches and Syrups
  • Ethanol

For a more detailed description of the contents please download the sample issue.


You will receive:

  • Monthly Report Online: Access to each monthly Sweetener Analysis
  • LMC Conference Presentations: Access to the latest LMC International conference presentations on the sugar sector.

Articles From the Last 12 Months:

Aug 19: Review of the high intensity sweetener market
Jul 19: Changing trade flows and implications for the Far East premium
Jun 19: Company performance in 2018/19
May 19: Explaining the slowdown in sugar consumption growth
Apr 19: Centre/South Brazil - 2019/20 and beyond
Mar 19: Global trends in soft drink consumption
Feb 19: Thailand's sugar industry - will it continue to grow?
Jan 19: Sugar production costs - beet vs. cane
Dec 18: HFS Annual Review 2018
Nov 18: Brazil - price signals and the sugar mix
Oct 18: Ethanol and the sugar surplus
Sep 18: Cost pressures and performance - how are these changing the global sugar landscape

For more information or to subscribe to the service please email sugar@lmc.co.uk




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