Global Sugar: Strategic View - 2017 Report

The fourth report in our series on the outlook for the global sugar sector. We analyse the key issues that will shape the sugar market, focusing on investment prospects and the risks that face existing stakeholders and newcomers. It addresses three critical questions: 1) Is there a need for investment in new capacity and, if so, when and where will expansion take place? 2) What price is needed to bring these new investments on-line? 3) Will Brazil’s cost structure continue to be the long-term price setter in the world market?

Report detail

The report provides visibility on:

  • Processing capacity – do we face a capacity challenge in sugar and, if so, when will it show itself?
  • Will growing health concerns mean that global consumption grows more slowly in the future?
  • Which industries are best placed to expand, and which are likely to contract?
  • What does this all mean for sugar prices going forward?

We finish by developing strategic conclusions about the near, medium and long-term market to assist your decision-making.


The report is presented in 5 sections:

  1. Macro-economic influences – the commodity price cycle and sugar
  2. The size/timing of a capacity crunch and what could change this?
  3. Potential sources of supply to meet the future growth in demand
  4. Wild cards for the world market – the EU and growing health concerns
  5. The implications for world sugar prices and strategic conclusions

Supported by detailed regional reports:

  • Brazil - can the sugar giant recover?
  • EU - the end of quotas: higher sugar output & exports?
  • Eastern Europe - the drive to self sufficiency
  • Asia - will the region slip further into deficit?
  • NAFTA - how will potentially greater US protectionism influence sugar trade?
  • Africa - to what extent can production expand?
  • MENA - how will its growing deficit be supplied?

For a more detailed description of the contents of each section, download the brochure.


You will receive:

Main report
50 page (approx.) analysis of the global sugar sector - electronic and 2 paper copies

Executive summary – in Powerpoint
Key findings and conclusions in a format easy to use in internal meetings

Regional reports
Detailed analysis on the 7 featured regions

Key data in Excel

Briefing of the report by senior LMC staff
Webinar or in person

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our Sugar experts, or download the brochure.




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