EU Sugar Market Monitor

This monthly forecast service is now firmly established as the industry benchmark. It provides visibility on future EU sugar and isoglucose production, demand, trade and prices.

Report Detail

Quota abolition is leading to a shake-up in the EU sugar market and it will have profound implications for the EU sugar market and for EU sugar prices. There is therefore substantial value in the ability to predict sugar production and import/export levels. The LMC monthly report provides this value, giving visibility on future EU sugar production, trade and EU sugar prices, well in advance of the beet planting season.

Applying a bottom-up approach, the service looks at each individual Member State, as well as regions within sugar-producing countries, to present a robust analysis of the future EU “bilan”. It does this by capturing the future returns of beet versus alternative crops, farmers’ planting intentions, processing costs, diversion of sugar to ethanol, the cost and viability of imports, sugar trade flows within the EU, isoglucose production and trade, demand for sugar – for food, chemicals and ethanol and much more…


The Report is available as a “Core” or “Premium” service.

Core Service

The core service provides all the key elements of the current and forecast market balance or “bilan”:

  • Production – For 19 beet sugar producing countries
  • Imports – ACP/LDC, FTAs, Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova, CXL
  • Exports – Volume and destination of EU exports
  • Consumption – Sugar (food, non-fuel), isoglucose and bioethanol
  • Prospects for the next crop year
  • Isoglucose – Developments in production and trade flows
  • Diversion of sugar to ethanol
  • EU Supply/Demand Forecasts
  • The Outlook for Sugar Prices in the EU

Premium Service

The premium service is as described above but subscribers also get more detailed analysis of:

  • The cost structure of EU beet sugar production for each member state and at a regional level with each member state
  • Costs of production for competing crops
  • Beet prices derived from future EU sugar prices
  • Future values of alternative crops (wheat, maize and rapeseed)
  • Gross margins from beet and alternative crops
  • Beet prices needed to match other crop revenues
  • Farmers’ planting intentions and the implications for beet area and beet sugar production
  • Processing costs at a factory level
  • The cost and viability of imports
  • Trade flows – white and DC raws and raws for refining
  • Sugar and isoglucose flows within the EU
  • Demand – food, chemicals and ethanol
  • Market balance by Member State
  • The outlook for sugar prices in the EU including the likely interaction between the EU and world market

Download the flyer for a brief description of the service.


Core Service Subscribers will Receive:

Monthly Report

Premium Service Subscribers will Receive:

Monthly Report
Key Data in Excel

Both services: Access to senior LMC staff to discuss and interpret the findings and forecasts.

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our Sugar experts.




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