Global Markets for Starch Products

LMC's annual Global Markets for Starch Products provides a single source of consistent data for the global market for starches, starch sweeteners & syrups, and fermentation products.

A comprehensive database and report covers 44 starch and derivative products in more than 200 countries, with forecasts for each country to identify where future deficit will occur, and the size of those deficits.

It enables users to analyse and understand trade, production, consumption, and price developments of each of the products.

Report Detail

The Service Includes:

  • Current supply/demand for native and modified starches, starch sweeteners & syrups, and fermentation products in markets around the world, 2005-2017

  • International Trade in starch and its derivatives in detail, 2005-2017

  • Forecasts of Demand for starch derivatives – globally, by region, by country – 2018 to 2022

  • Internationally Traded Prices 2005-2017

The service is available in three units, allowing subscribers to match product coverage with their own product portfolio

1. Native and Modified Starches
2. Starch Syrups
3. Fermentation Products

For a more detailed description of the products that are covered and the contents of each section, please download the brochure.


You will receive:

Global Market Database In Excel pivot tables for easy use

Main Report The Key Findings

LMC Consultation A day of consulting by Senior LMC Staff to interpret or discuss the report’s findings

For more information or to subscribe to the study contact our starch experts or download the brochure




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