Benchmarking Costs of Starches, Syrups & Ethanol

This new service enables subscribers to benchmark the cost of producing a broad range of starches, syrups and ethanol. It does this across 5 carbohydrate sources and 18 countries and provides forecasts to 2030. It therefore enables subscribers to benchmark their operations against their competitors. It also enables you to assess the financials of a new investment.

Clients have the flexibility of selecting by product – individual starch, syrup or ethanol – and by country. You can even drill down to individual plant, with an optional supplement to the service.

Report Detail

The core of the service is the LMC Global Cost Database. For each product we forecast raw material costs, co-product values and processing costs to 2030. 

We Do This Across:
  • 11 Products:
    • Starches - Native corn starch, native wheat starch, native cassava starch, acid-thinned modified starch, cationic modified starch, oxidised modified starch
    • Syrups - Glucose (fermentation grade), glucose (food grade), HFS (separate costs for 42 and 55)
    • Ethanol - Ethanol and industrial ethanol
  • 5 Raw Materials:
    • Corn (maize)
    • Wheat
    • Cassava (tapioca)
    • Molasses
    • Sugar/Cane juice
  • 18 Major Markets, Including:
    • US
    • EU
    • Russia
    • China
    • Indonesia
    • Brazil
  • Different Processes:
    • Wet/dry milling of grains
    • Wet milling of cassava
    • Direct fermentation of molasses and sugar
    • Milling of cane
  • Different Plant Scales
  • Different Energy Sources (oil, gas, bagasse)
  • Different Oil Price Scenarios for the Forecasts, With a Clear Indication of LMC's Base Case

The costs, including the forecasts, take into account the value of the various co-products from the grain processing.

For a more detailed description of the contents, download the brochure.


You will receive:

LMC Cost Database
  • Detailed results in Excel for each product and for each country selected. 
  • Explanation of LMC’s methodology for estimating costs. 
  • Online presentation/meeting with Senior LMC Staff to discuss and interpret the findings and forecasts. 

Extending the Service

For individual subscribers, we can extend the service and drill down to costs at a plant-specific level. Please contact LMC if you have a specific request.

For more information or to subscribe to the study contact our Starch experts.




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