LMC's Starch Team is recognised internationally as the industry standard for research on starch based food ingredients and industrial products - most of the industry's major players rely on LMC Reports. 

Our Expertise Includes:
  • Native and Modified Starches
  • Starch Syrups and Sweeteners (Including Polyhydric Alcohols)
  • Fermentation Products (e.g. Organic Acids, Amino Acids, Ethanol)

Our Starch Team work closely with our raw materials teams – grains, sugar and molasses. They also have a detailed understanding and knowledge of the other important raw materials used for starch manufacture – cassava (tapioca) and potato as well as specialised raw materials such as rice, sago and pea.

Our Expertise Extends to All of the Major Wet and Dry Milling Co-Products:

Corn wet milling: corn gluten feed (CGF), corn gluten meal (CGM), corn oil
Corn dry milling: corn distillers' dried grains (corn DDG)
Wheat wet milling: bran (and solubles), vital wheat gluten (VWG)
Wheat dry milling: wheat distillers’dried grains (wheat DDG)

We offer a global perspective on this diverse sector, covering the major starch markets of East Asia, South East Asia, the EU and US as well as the smaller markets of Eastern Europe and South America. Our clients include many of the major producers of starch derivatives and fermentation products, including end users of these products in the food and industrial sectors, as well as traders, investors and finance companies.

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