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Expertise and Services

LMC covers the broad area of agriculture and has particularly in-depth understanding of:

•    oilseeds/vegetable oils/protein meals            •    grains
•    sugar & other sweeteners                            •    starch & fermentation products
•    biofuels & biomass                                      •    rubber & tyres
•    cocoa                                                        •    coffee
•    biochemicals

and their by-products and downstream markets.

Our analysis focuses on:
  • Market analysis
  • Benchmarking of performance and cost competitiveness
  • Value chain analysis – from field to table, we look at where value is added, how and how much
  • Due diligence/appraisal
  • Sourcing strategies and risk management
  • Price forecasts
  • Evaluation of the impact of changes (actual and proposed) in domestic or international policy

Our services include consultancy and customised research and analysis for individual clients, multi-client reports and a range of monthly, quarterly and annual publications.

Consultancy Services: Proprietary assignments are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients. The scope of this work is diverse and covers market, purchasing, risk management, strategic planning, policy, forecasting and investment issues. Projects may be undertaken using our in-house databases or with fieldwork as appropriate.

Information Services: Available when trends and market forces dictate, multi-client reports deliver comprehensive data, research and analysis to several clients on a non-exclusive basis. The key advantage of this approach is that it provides clients with the results of large research projects at a fraction of the cost of undertaking such studies for a single client.

Publications: As part of LMC’s on-going programme of research, we offer a series of monthly, quarterly and annual publications and services. A description of the periodic publications on offer are listed under each commodity heading.

Due Diligence
Biofuels & Biomass
Feed Ingredients
Food Ingredients
Oilseeds, Oils and Oleochemicals
Starch & Fermentation
Sugar & Sweeteners
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