Outlook for Natural & Synthetic Rubbers 2019

The 2019 Report examines natural rubber, polybutadiene, sSBR, eSBR and polyisoprene in detail.

For each elastomer we present forecasts of the supply, demand and price/unit values globally, by each major market and region. The report also includes trends in trade for butyl and halobutyl.

Separate sections for natural rubber and the bulk synthetic rubbers, provide clear analysis of the outlook for each sector. Production analysis considers the impact of recent NR prices on plantings, and LMC's estimates of NR production costs for 10 major producing countries.

We Address Key Questions and Issues:

  • Where are the growth markets for sSBR, eSBR and BR?
  • How quick is the move to low rolling resistance and high performance tyres?
  • How have shifting locations of bulk SR demand & supply affected trade flows?
  • What is the scope for substitution between elastomers?
  • How will NR supply respond to lower prices?
  • How cost-competitive are the main NR producing countries?
  • What are the alternatives to NR and what is the scope for their adoption?
  • What impact will these have on NR prices?

Built on more than 30 years of experience, the Outlook for Natural & Synthetic Rubbers, 2019 Report offers analysis to answer critical commercial questions.


You will receive:

Executive Summary

A concise overview of the Report’s key findings.

Main Report

Comprehensive information and analysis, presented in clearly written text, tables and diagrams, supported by appendices on global tyre trends, and regional bulk synthetic rubber supply/demand balances.

Data in Excel

All historical data and forecasts in the Main Report and Appendices provided in Excel.


The key findings of the Main Report in a format to facilitate use in internal meetings.

LMC Consultation

In addition to telephone and email support for discussion and clarification of the Report, you are also entitled to one day of consulting by a senior member of LMC’s staff to present and interpret what our findings mean for your organisation.

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our Rubber experts or download the brochure.




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