Oleochemicals Report 2019

LMC’s annual Oleochemicals Report is widely regarded as the industry benchmark, the report delivers comprehensive and expert analysis of the fatty acid and fatty alcohol sectors. It covers:

  • Fatty acids – demand, supply & trade
  • Fatty alcohols – demand, supply & trade
  • Raw materials – supply, demand, sustainability and price
  • Prices and forecasts for fatty acids, alcohols and glycerine
  • Production costs for fatty acids and alcohols
  • Profitability by product and location
  • The main business models – upstream/downstream integration

Price forecasts to 2030 are given for raw materials, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and glycerine. The report’s analysis and conclusions provide a firm basis for determining stakeholder strategy and investment in the oleochemical sector. It is used by most of the leading oleochemical players as a direct information feed into their strategic planning.


The Main Report is divided into 7 sections:

Section 1: Raw Materials: Supply, Demand, Sustainability and Price

Section 2: Fatty Acid Marketplace: Capacities, Demand, Supply and Trade

Section 3: Fatty Alcohol Marketplace: Capacities, Demand, Supply and Trade

Section 4: Prices and Forecasts: Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols and Glycerine

Section 5: Production Costs: Fatty Acids and Fatty Alcohols

Section 6: Profitability: By Key Off Take Product and Location

Section 7: Business models: Threats & opportunities in the marketplace 

The Executive Summary delivers LMC’s key findings, conclusions, opportunities and risks.

For a more detailed description of the contents of each section, please download the brochure.  


You will receive:

Executive Summary: Key findings and strategic recommendations

Main Report: 150 pages of analysis, tables and diagrams

PowerPoint Presentation: Key findings in a slide bank format for use in internal meetings

LMC Consultation: One full day of consulting by Senior LMC Staff to interpret or discuss the report’s findings

For more information, or to subscribe to the study, contact our oleochemicals experts or download the brochure.




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