Oilseeds & Oils Annual Report

We are fast approaching a turning point in the world of oils, meals and fats. Each of the major oil seeds is facing its own challenges: South East Asia’s oil palm moratorium is slowing production growth, softseed harvests have been hit by drought in Europe and Australia and the US-China trade dispute has rocked the soybean market.

The question is, how will the world’s ever-increasing demand for oils and meat/meal be met, in the short term and in the coming decade?

Our updated view of the industry delivers strategic conclusions that are pivotal for planning for the next 10 years.

Oilseed Coverage

Soybeans, oil palm, palm kernel, rapeseed/canola, sunflower,coconut + their associated protein meals.


  • Production in 27 Major Producing Countries
  • Consumption in 18 Key Consumer Countries – Split by End-Use (food, biodiesel and other industrial) and Type of Oil (for the larger markets)
  • Supply/Demand Balances
  • Forecasts to 2030
  • Outlook for Trade and the Influence of Policy
  • Price Outlook – Towards a New Price Era


·Production costs in 27 countries:field/processing cost estimates


·Forecasts to 2030 by individual oil and meal


You will receive:

Strategic Conclusions in PowerPoint Slides

A concise overview of the report’s key findings and strategic recommendations with points to watch

Main Report

In-depth analysis, tables and diagrams in 5 concise sections.

Each section opens with a brief summary and is supplemented by an annex with additional data and supporting analysis

LMC’s Interactive Dashboard presenting Key Data in Excel

Using an user-friendly interface it presents data by country, oilseed, oil and meal - production costs, production, consumption,prices and price forecasts – in Excel

LMC Consultation: Presentation and Q&A Day

A day’s consulting by Dr James Fry, LMC’s Chairman or David Jackson, Director of Oils to present the report’s findings

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