Crude Oil & Ag Markets

Ag markets are now all connected to crude oil markets via energy, with biofuels having grown to a point where their demand has a significant influence on ag prices.

As a result, producers, processors and end-users of agricultural products need to understand the drivers of the petroleum market. In return, the oil industry needs to understand the agricultural sectors that provide the biofuels they are mandated to blend.

The Report explains the complex relationship between crop and crude oil markets and helps you to develop plans to manage the impact of changes in the oil price on agriculture.

Key Commercial Insights:

Crude Oil Markets and Prices – Why are oil prices so volatile and how does this translate to ag?

Ag Markets and Prices – Which crops are affected by high or low oil prices and why?

Policy – What would be the impact of potential changes to renewable fuel policies?

Investment and Hedging Strategies – How to prepare for future contingencies?


1. Crude Oil

Detailed insights into the forces driving the petroleum market and the crude oil price, with a special focus on the roles of shale oil, with a potentially very rapid supply response, and the OPEC producers, with their vast conventional oil reserves.

2. Ag Markets

How the three main crop groups: grains, oil crops and sugar, as well as cassava have adapted to the emergence of biofuel demand, the link with crude oil markets and what it means for crop prices going forward?

3. Policy 

Potential changes to policy and the impact on crops and crop prices

4. The Outlook for Crude Oil and Crop Prices

Crude oil price forecasts to 2025
Crop price forecasts to 2025
Alternative crude oil and crop price scenarios capturing key risk factors around these central forecasts

5. Investment and Hedging Strategies to Profit from the Link Between Crude Oil and Ag Markets 

What does this mean for crop prices going forwards and your risk management strategy.


  • Main Report
  • Data in Excel
  • Webinar Presentation by LMC and Oxford Petroleum Experts of the Results of the Study

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