Aquafeed & Aquaculture to 2025

Aquaculture now provides the same volumes of meat as beef. With the wild capture of fish stagnant, farmed fish will account for the bulk of output within the next three years. Farmed fish and shrimp, however, rely on fishmeal in their feed. With the falling capture of anchovy, herring and other such 'oily' fish, which are used to produce fishmeal, supplies have declined and prices reached new highs. This has placed the aquafeed industry under pressure to find alternative ingredients which, alone or  in combination, can emulate the unique amino acid profile of fishmeal.

LMC’s New Global Report Addresses These Key Questions:

  • What is the outlook for aquaculture? Which fish and shrimp species will grow at the fastest pace? Where will production be located around the world?
  • How will production of fishmeal and fish oil evolve? Will prices of fishmeal continue to rise?
  • Which protein substitutes – from soy, corn, wheat and other – will be adopted? By which species? In which regions?

Report in Detail

For 17 species groups and 19 regions worldwide, the report provides detailed data and analysis to explain the outlook for the aquaculture and aquafeed industry.

The Report includes forecasts of the demand for feed ingredients by species and region over the next ten years, in Excel with an info-graphic overview. (Covering: soy protein concentrate, vital wheat gluten, corn gluten meal, and several others.)


The Main Report is Presented in 6 Sections:

Section 1: Trends in Fisheries and Aquaculture Production
Section 2: Developments in the Aquafeed Industry
Section 3: Changes in the Market for Fishmeal and Fish Oil
Section 4: Fishmeal Demand by Region
Section 5: Prospects for Fishmeal Substitutes
Section 6: Strategic Conclusions

The Excel Database, easy to use, provides data and forecasts:
  • Aquaculture Production by Species, Region & Country, 1962 – 2025
  • Aquafeed Demand by Ingredient, Species & Region, 2014 – 2025
  • Infographic Overview of Aquafeed Demand by Ingredient, 2014 & 2025

Key findings and conclusions are summarised in the Executive Summary.

For a detailed description, please download the brochure.


Aquafeed to 2025: Securing the Feed for Rising Seafood Production
is available immediately.


You will receive:

Executive summary

Key findings and strategic conclusions

Main report
Comprehensive analysis of the global aquafeed sector

Excel database

Key datasets from the Report: aquaculture production and aquafeed demand by ingredient – by species & region, to 2025

For more information or to subscribe to the study, please contact our aquafeed experts, or download the brochure.




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