Global Fertilizer Demand - The Long Term Outlook

Rising demand for agricultural commodities has outpaced the growth in crop yields over the past decade. The result has been a substantial growth in crop area required to meet global consumption. This has had a dramatic impact on crop prices and profitability with far reaching implications for fertilizer use. 

To address these structural changes in the agricultural and fertilizer markets, LMC International has joined forces with Integer. By employing our respective agriculture and fertilizer expertise, we have developed a new and robust methodology linking crop demand and production with fertilizer demand in all of the major countries. The result is a clear set of fertilizer demand forecasts to 2030 by crop and country.

Report Detail

The report is divided into the following sections:

Section 1 - Executive Summary
Section 2 - Forecasting Area Under Crops
Section 3 - Global Fertilizer Consumption Overview and Study Methodology
Section 4 - China
Section 5 - India
Section 6 - USA
Section 7 - EU-27
Section 8 - Brazil
Section 9 - Pakistan
Section 10 - Indonesia
Section 11 - Canada
Section 12 - Russia
Section 13 - Australia
Section 14 - Malaysia
Section 15 - Argentina
Section 16 - Conclusions

In the country profiles that make up sections 4 to 15, the report provides analysis of recent developments in both agriculture and fertilizers as well as forecasts to 2030, culminating in the Integer base case demand forecast in each case.

For a more detailed description of the contents of each section, download the brochure.


You will receive:

Executive summary - concise overview of the report’s key findings and strategic recommendations

Printed edition of the main report - more than 450 pages of analysis, tables and diagrams providing a complete easy to reference report

Comprehensive data file providing projections of crop yields and application rates globally

Unique access to our analysts giving you the opportunity to ask questions about the report and the fertilizer industry

For more information, or to subscribe to the report, contact our Fertilizer experts or download the brochure by clicking on the link above.



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