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Aquafeed & Aquaculture to 2025

LMC’s new global report provides detailed analysis of the evolution of the aquaculture and aquafeed sector over the next ten years, in the light of the increases in fishmeal prices that have led to rapid growth in alternative feed ingredients. The study projects the growth in farmed fish, by species – globally and by region – and in demand for fishmeal and a range of substitute aquafeed products, such as soy protein concentrates, vital wheat gluten, and corn gluten meal. >more

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Outlook for Global Protein Demand

The rapid growth in demand for plant and animal protein globally is an emerging trend and raises the question, are we entering a “protein decade”? What will it mean for different proteins and end-use sectors going forward? >more

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Livestock & Feed Report

The demand and supply of protein will present the greatest challenge for global agriculture over the next decade. What is the outlook for meat demand, where will it be produced, what will it mean for trade in meat and how and where will the feed crops respond to this growth? >more


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