Livestock & Feed Report

Livestock & Feed Report

The demand and supply of protein will present the greatest challenge for global agriculture over the next decade.What is the outlook for meat demand, where will it be produced, what will it mean for trade in meat and how and where will the feed crops respond to this growth?

The LMC Livestock & Feed Report presents a clear strategic view over the next 15 years.


The Report is divided into four separate livestock modules - beef cattle, pigs,poultry and aquaculture.

Each module presents detailed analysis with forecasts to 2035 for:

1. Meat supply/demand and trade by type of meat and by country

2. Livestock supply

3. Feed crop supply/demand – protein meal, feed grain and the impact of feed intensification

4. Meat and feed prices

answering these commercial questions:

·How will major meat markets be supplied in 2035?

·Which countries will expand production?

·What is the outlook for the trade in meat and feed?

with strategic conclusions for feed crop producers, livestock producers and meat processors.

The Executive Summary delivers LMC’ s key findings, conclusions, opportunities and risks.

For a more detailed description of the contents of each section, please download the brochure.


Each livestock module – beef cattle, pigs, poultry and aquaculture – is available as a stand-alone service, or all 4 modules can be purchased at a significant discount.

Each module includes:

Executive Summary:Key results and findings

Main Report: analysis, tables and diagrams

Excel database: livestock, meat and feed

LMC briefing: presentation and Q&A online by senior LMC Staff to interpret and discuss the report’s findings

For more information, or to purchase the report,contact our livestock & feed experts or download the brochure.




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