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An evaluation of the commercial and technical prospects of an existing sugar refinery which included assessments of: the business model drivers, calculations and assumptions; the medium and long-term market prospects for regional sugar refining, the construction quality of the refinery, storage and other facilities. the recent operating performance of the refinery.

An assessment of the viability of an investment which provided: the outlook for revenues; a review of target markets, potential customers and competitors; a review of the proposed plantation, process technology and operational plan; potential costs of the project; location, freight economics and logistics; a SWOT analysis of the proposed project; conclusions and recommendations.

An assessment of the viability of the project comprising a market and cost analysis. The market analysis examined the domestic market as well as regional export opportunities. The cost analysis was undertaken in collaboration with DeSmet. The study assessed the market potential for the products and the growth prospects in the target markets, calculated the crushing margin and analysed the competitiveness of the operation.

A report to be included in the IPO prospectus which delivered a comprehensive but concise review of the company’s oil palm plantations. The scope included production, consumption, industry structure, competitors, policy environment, prices and the company's market position.

As part of a M&A process, LMC delivered an assessment of the asset which included: a review of the Information Memorandum; a market report; forecasts of supply/demand and prices; an evaluation of the current business and the competitive environment.

An assessment of the viability of a proposed greenfield plant to produce fatty acids and fatty alcohols, as well as downstream products. The report provided a market analysis with a principal focus on the Americas, a calculation of processing costs, the outlook for prices and margins, and analysis of the competitiveness of the plant.

A report for inclusion in the IPO prospectus which provided an appraisal of the company’s assets including raw materials (CPO and CPKO), fatty alcohols, glycerine, ethylene and fatty ethoxylates within the context of the outlook for the regional and global oleochemicals industry.

The feasibility for a large grains producer to add value to raw materials via processing. Potential products included first-stage starches and syrups, to downstream bio-based derivatives such as bio-succinic acid, lactic acid, lactide and PLA.

An assessment of the potential to add value to wheat or corn via a large-scale processing plant. The scope include market sizing and demand forecasts; price dynamics of raw materials and processed products; competitor analysis;  processing costs; processing margins and value addition; strategic recommendations.

As part of the due diligence process, the study delivered LMC’s view on the EU and USA ethanol markets going forward, their ranking and the development of FOB price forecasts for a prospective greenfield cane to ethanol project in South America. The report analysed critical factors impacting on the ethanol market in Europe and the US and forecast prices under alternative scenarios.

An assessment of the feasibility of using low or medium grade palm oils - palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), palm acid oil and palm sludge oil - as feedstocks for a biodiesel plant The report examined the quality and supply of these feedstocks, as well as the market demand and prices for these raw materials. Finally, it analysed logistical costs, plant location, capacity and the potential demand for the biodiesel produced.

A due diligence study which included an assessment of the regional market for sweeteners analysis of corn versus sugar, the prices of starch products, the market potential for corn syrup and dextrin products as well as by-products, to establish the viability of a HFCS plant.

An assessment of the potential viability of a corn wet mill plant in Argentina for the production of HFCS. The scope included analysis of: the domestic market for HFCS, glucose syrup and starch; price dynamics; the market for by-products; CAPEX and OPEX costs; competitiveness versus sugar; cash-flow analysis and project returns.

As part of the project’s due diligence, LMC provided a report which assessed the prospects and competitiveness of a proposed processing plant. The scope included: a market assessment, advice on the scale of operation, the processing options, capital costs, site requirements, operational costs and quality systems.

A report to be included in the IPO prospectus which detailed: the industry structure and main participants; the policy environment; area under rubber, production and yields; processing plants; company performance data; a SWOT of the target company and the outlook for the company and sector.

Market assessment of soybean products: SPC, SBO & SBM, to evaluate the global competitive environment for protein alternatives to fishmeal. The study reviewed the market assumptions contained in the company’s Business Plan and Financial Model underpinning the proposed construction of a soy crushing and soy protein production plant. It evaluated global supply and demand of fish and protein for fish, and explained the drivers and dynamics of the aquafeed market. The heart of the analysis was benchmarking alternative protein sources against fishmeal, providing the costs and prices along the value chain.

A market study of the global pulse and sesame seed sectors as context for investment in the sector. It delivered analysis of consumption for each of five crops as well as the evolution of area and yields. We identified trends in the global processing and trading sector and prepared forecasts of the potential growth in the pulses and sesame seeds markets, providing LMC’s assessment of the prospects for the sector.


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