LMC’s expertise in bio-based products is a natural progression from our extensive work on the major renewable resources used in the biotech industry: agricultural feedstocks and their derivatives. Over 30 years LMC has built up an unrivalled knowledge of this sector, across the full extent of the value chain, from raw materials through agro-processing to downstream products, including bio-based energy, chemicals and materials.

Experience and Expertise

Examples of consultancy projects
This included value chain analysis from cane juice to ethanol (Brazil), maize to ethanol (US), soybean to biodiesel (US), rapeseed to biodiesel (EU) and wheat to ethanol (EU)

A review for the United Nations Common Fund for Commodities of how commodity producers, traders and processors can best take advantage of the facilities offered by commodity exchanges and by special financial intermediaries, and to recommend ways in which the Common Fund can assist in the development of risk management strategies.

This high profile and very large project completed in 2005, involved a comprehensive review and analysis of all of the main cereal crops in the EU. The project examined the effectiveness and efficiency of the Cereals CMO and associated policy instruments; these measures were evaluated both individually and as a package of instruments taken collectively. LMC acted as the lead contractor undertaking the bulk of the work. Sub-contractors were used for specific country reports in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Hungary and Poland.  

A study estimating the costs, benefits and marketing problems associated with a range of alternative tree crop plantation strategies, comparing oil palm, coconuts, rubber, sugar, coffee, cocoa and other perennial crops.

Funded by the UK's Department for International Development, LMC assessed the international cost-competitiveness and comparitive advantage of a wide cross-section of leading agricultural sectors within South Africa, and pressented an export diversification  and development strategy based on that assessment. The commodities analysed in the study included arable crops, livestock and fruit and vegetable products.

Undertaken for the European Commision LMC prepared a major review of the potential for the greater use of risk management in developing countries. The study presented detailed comparitive analyses of the current use of risk management techniques in a large number of countries, with a focus upon the coffee, cocoa, sugar oilseeds, cotton, grain and tea sectors. It analysed the barriers to the greater use of hedging techniques, and concluded with recommendations for international action to assist small producers, to manage their commodity-related risks better. 


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