LMC’s Coffee Team has continuous contact with the industry meaning that our services are extremely well informed and meet the practical needs of coffee industry participants. Our goal is to help clients plan effectively and successfully, to identify and seize opportunities and pre-empt threats in all sectors of the industry: green, soluble and specialty.

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Experience and Expertise

Examples of consultancy projects
LMC assessed the viability of establishing a soluble coffee plant in Uganda. The study reviewed the financial viability of such a project, as well as the market prospects, both domestic and international. 

Development of a methodological tool to allow producing countries to evaluate their own coffee sectors and to assess the competitiveness of coffee growing areas. The tool could be used both for in-country coffee strategy development and for international comparative analysis.

For an international trading company, LMC undertook an assessment of the scale and structure of demand for coffee concentrates in the US market. 

 A monthly report forecasting supply, demand and stock balances for the major coffee producing and consuming regions as well as the major coffee types.

The first part of the study provided background information on the US roasting industry, including details of the major roasters and their products. The second part reviewed US coffee imports by origin and type, including an estimate of specialty imports.

An examination of the effect of Integrated Pest Management on production costs in Colombia. The study included an overview of the Colombian coffee industry, an assessment of production costs and the effects of broca control on these costs.  The project included a visit to Colombia. 

A review of the Ethiopian coffee market. The study assessed the size of production, the marketing system and changes that have occurred since liberalisation. In addition, the study provided an assessment of the end users of Ethiopian coffee, by country and segmentation (speciality, main stream and own label).

A study on the European soluble coffee industry, assessing the scale of the market and providing a breakdown of consumption according to freeze-dried, spray-dried and agglomerated soluble

LMC provided an analysis of the pattern of supply and demand for decaffeinated coffee, with information on the major decaffeinated coffee producers

A study focusing on the pattern of coffee supply and demand in Asian countries, covering both countries wholly dependant on imports and countries where consumption is met by a combination of domestic production and imports.   

A study to analyse the economics of primary processing of arabica coffee (especially wet processing) in Tanzania and an action plan for implementation of the investment options.

A study assessing the market potential for the new contracts for commodity derivatives being considered by a major Asian exchange for addition to its existing contracts.

LMC examined the market for soluble coffee, distinguishing patterns of supply, consumption and price trends in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, in Asia and in North America. For each region, soluble consumption in the major markets was split between freeze-dried, agglomerated and powder and retail price data for the different soluble product segments were provided. The market trends for speciality soluble products were also reviewed, including flavoured instant coffee, instant cappuccino and RTD coffee.

A comprehensive review of the international aspects of the coffee supply chain, as well as a detailed examination of the Kenyan value chain, with recommendations for the Kenyan industry. 


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