Cocoa: The Global Market

LMC’s Cocoa: The Global Market delivers the global outlook for cocoa beans, butter, liquor & powder. The report provides forecasts of cocoa beans for the next 10 years and for products for the next 5 years, globally and for the world’s key markets.

The volatility of cocoa prices over the last 12 months tells a story of uncertainty in the sector. The industry is impacted by both crop fundamentals and political conditions, in particular in West Africa where weather and policies combine to affect significantly the global outlook for cocoa. Meanwhile, in Latin America, the impressive growth of recent years requires high bean prices to ensure continued investment.

Cocoa: The Global Market draws on LMC’s 35 years of expertise in the cocoa sector, analysing both supply side and end-use markets to ensure market participants understand the outlook for cocoa over the coming years.

Our cocoa economists deliver clear conclusions for the industry globally and for each of the major production and consumption markets.


The Report presents analysis for cocoa beans of

  • Supply: Production data and forecasts to 2028 for each of the major cocoa-producing countries
  • Consumption: Demand trends and forecasts to 2028 by each of the major regions
  • Supply/Demand Balances: Global supply deficit or production surplus forecasts to 2028
  • Trade: 10 years’ analysis of imports & exports by major country
  • Price Forecasts: Cocoa Beans 2019 - 2028

For butter, liquor & powder we deliver 10 year’s data analysis and 5-year forecasts of:

  • Demand by Region: Consumption data for 10 years and forecasts to 2023
  • Price Ratios: Cocoa butter and cocoa powder – 10 years’ data and forecasts to 2023
  • Trade: 10 years’ analysis of imports & exports by region and by volume and value


  • Production and Consumption - Global & Regional
  • Consumption by chocolate confectionery category (unfilled, filled etc.,): EU, USA, Brazil, Russia & Japan


The Report is available now.

For a more detailed description of the contents of each section, download the brochure.


You will receive:

Executive Summary
The report’s key findings and strategic conclusions

Main Report
Comprehensive analysis of the markets for cocoa beans and products, outlining their prospects over the next decade

LMC Consultation
A day of consulting by one of our senior economists to present, discuss and interpret the report’s findings

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our Cocoa experts, or download the brochure.




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