Alternatives to Cocoa Butter 2019 Report

As consumer tastes evolve, definitions of chocolate are challenged and concerns raised for future availability of cocoa, it's vital to understand where the market is headed.

The Report, Alternatives to Cocoa Butter: The Outlook for CBEs, CBSs and Exotic Fats, provides the analysis you need for commercial planning:

  • Global Chocolate Confectionery Market - Demand by end-use and by country
  • CBE & CBS Production and Demand - Forecasts to 2025
  • Exotic Fats - Trade flows, supply chains and sustainability
  • Demand for Shea Butter, Exotic Fats and Palm Kernel Stearin
  • Prospects for Supply and Price of Palm Mid-Fraction, Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Kernel Stearin
  • Prices - Forecasts and drivers for raw materials' prices
  • Trade in Cocoa Products: Cocoa beans, butter, liquor (paste), powder & cake


Global Chocolate Confectionery Market

  • Current Global Market Trends & Determinants of Demand
  • Market Size by End-Use, by Region and by Country
  • Analysis of Trade Flows of Beans, Butter, Liquor and Powder

CBE and CBS Demand

  • What is the outlook in emerging markets? Will Brazil and Russia recover?
  • Will consumption in Latin America, Oceania and India compensate?
  • Which markets are being supplied by increased capacity in South East Asia?
  • Changes to legislation – What are the likely impacts?

CBE and CBS Production

  • Definitions and formulations of each product
  • Raw materials, usage and market size
  • What is the evidence of substitution of CBSs for CBEs?

Exotic Fats

  • Shea, Illipe, Sal, Kokum and Mango Kernel
  • Production Volumes
  • Sustainability
  • Consumer Concerns
  • How Sustainable are Exotic Fats?
  • What’s the Future for Certification?


  • Exotic fats, palm kernel stearin and palm mid-fraction prices and the link to cocoa butter – We examine the key drivers
  • Forecasts to 2025
  • Consumption of CBEs and CBSs by region to 2025
  • Different regulatory scenarios – What ifs?
  • Prices – Raw material forecasts


The Report is available now. 

For a more detailed description of the contents of each section, download the brochure.


You will receive:

Executive Summary
The Report’s key findings and strategic conclusions

Main Report
Comprehensive analysis of the market and demand outlook for CBEs, CBSs and exotic fats

Excel data
The Report’s key data in Excel

PowerPoint Presentation
Key findings of the Report

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