Second Generation Bio-Based Chemicals & Fuels

Producers of bio-based chemicals and biofuels are looking to move away from first generation, food-based feedstocks and towards second generation raw materials. They are driven by supply chain, policy and sustainability concerns, such as food vs fuel and land use. For fermentation processes, this means a switch from using starch glucose, derived from crops, to cellulosic sugars generated from biomass sources.

However, with the bio-based chemicals sector still in its infancy, the critical question is: will there be sufficient cellulosic sugars, in reliable commercial quantities and at competitive prices, to supply both the fuel and chemical markets?

Report Detail

LMC's new Report evaluates the prospects for fermentable sugars from woody biomass and agricultural crop residues to:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the prospects for the commercial supply of  cellulosic sugars to the biofuel and bio-based chemical industries

  • Benchmark cellulosic sugars against first generation equivalents and petro-based alternatives, to evaluate their commercial competitiveness

  • Identify the best options for commercial-scale production, by location, process technology and by point in the value chain


The Report is in 8 Sections:

Section 1:  Switching to 2nd Generation Fermentable Sugars –                        Why and How?
Section 2:  Biomass –  End-Use Competition, Logistics and Price
Section 3:  Biomass Process Technologies and Costs
Section 4:  The Commercialisation of a Cellulosic Sugars Market
Section 5:  Starch Glucose and Cellulosic Sugar – Price Outlook                      and Competitive Positioning
Section 6:  Case study 1: Cellulosic Ethanol – Threats and                              Opportunities for the Bio-Based Chemicals Industry
Section 7:  Case Study 2: Lactic Acid – Lessons for the Bio-Based                    Sector
Section 8:  The Strategic Options for Commercialisation

For a detailed description of the contents of each section, download the brochure.


You will receive:

Executive Summary
Key findings and strategic recommendations

Main Report Clear, comprehensive detailed analysis, tables and diagrams

PowerPoint Presentation Key findings in a format for use in internal meetings

LMC Consultation One full day of consulting by Senior LMC Staff to interpret or discuss the Report’s findings

For more information or to subscribe to the study, contact our biofuels experts or download the brochure




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